How Do You Replace a Front Bumper?


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A front bumper is replaced by removing the old bumper, removing the components and attaching them to the new bumper, and installing the new bumper. The equipment needed includes a floor jack, a spray can of WD-40 and a socket wrench.

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How Do You Replace a Front Bumper?
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First, the front bumper should be located and inspected for damage. Next, wires going to the fog lamps, turn signals and other components on the front bumper should be disconnected.

The floor jack should be raised to support the bumper from underneath the vehicle. The mounting bolts should be sprayed with WD-40 or other penetrating oil to make them easier to remove. The bolts on the mounting bracket should then be removed using a socket wrench and set aside.

The front bumper should be carefully lowered to the ground and stripped of components such as bumper trim, fog lights, license plate and turn signals. The bumper should be compared to the new replacement part to ensure that it is the correct one.

All the removed components should be attached to the new bumper before being installed and aligned. The mounting bolts should be used to secure the bumper according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The wires to the fog lights and turn signals should be re-attached, and the new front bumper inspected for proper alignment.

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