How Do You Replace a Ford Seat Belt?


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You replace a Ford seat belt by shopping for specific replacement belts through vendors such as Seat Belts Plus and then either having an expert remove the old belt and install the new one or doing it yourself. You can replace old ones with Ford-specific belts or universal belts.

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Browse the Classic Ford Belts section of Seat Belts Plus to view the Ford-specific belts that are available. The site offers some belts used by vintage Ford vehicles, as well as a selection of lap seat belts of various lengths. In addition to these specific belts, the site offers Universal 3-point seat belts and 2-point lap belts that may also fit your vehicle.

An alternative to using a vendor is to contact your Ford dealer directly and specify that you wish to order an Original Equipment replacement. Once you have the belt, you can have your Ford dealer or another certified mechanic remove the old belt and replace it with the new belt.

To remove the belt yourself, use trim removal tools to loosen panels and belt covers. Remove the trim of the belt routing with a screwdriver and unscrew the trim's covers. You need a ratchet and sockets to remove attached bolts and bolted-on parts. Use specialty sockets to remove Torx head and hex head bolts. Tighten belt attachments with a torque wrench and use a flashlight to locate attachment points.

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