How Do You Replace a Ford Motor Mount?


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Replace Ford motor mounts by parking on a level surface, raising the car with a jack and placing it on jack stands. Disconnect the battery and remove any components blocking access to the mounts. Use a jack to lift the side of the engine near the broken mount, and remove it. Replace the mount with a new one.

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The motor mounts absorb vibration from the road and from the engine, isolating them from the body of the car. A single broken motor mount can cause significant issues in the operation of the vehicle. Symptoms of a broken motor mount include vibration when driving uphill, loud clunking noises when engaging the transmission, and movement from the engine compartment. If the vehicle has fluid-filled engine mounts, fluid sometimes drips from under the car.

When a motor mount is broken, owners should limit the operation of the vehicle until they repair the problem. With a broken mount, the engine is less secure and subject to excess vibration and shock. Depending on the model of the car, the vibrating engine could cause damage to the fan, radiator or hood. It can cause loosening of the hoses, leading to leaking of coolant from the engine and overheating.

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