How Do You Replace a Ford Fuel Pressure Sensor?

A fuel pressure sensor is an electronic device positioned along the fuel line that pushes fuel pressure data into the power train control module. The tools required for the replacement of a Ford fuel pressure sensor include a wrench, flat head screwdriver, anti-corrosion gel and the new pressure sensor.

The first step is to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, and mark the position of the three terminals of the sensor. The markings ensure the replacement pressure sensor is correctly positioned and fixed. Disconnect the power, ground and the switch wire terminals of the sensor by unfastening the screws using a screwdriver and then pulling out the wires from the terminal.

Remove the locking gasket from the sensor carefully, using a screwdriver. Once the gasket is removed, it gives access to the sensor. Unfasten the sensor in the counter-clockwise direction, and then detach it. Place the replacement sensor in position and insert it, rotating it clockwise to fix it. Place the locking gasket gently into the original position.

Ensure that the terminals on the sensor are in exact alignment with the markings that were done at the beginning. Add some anti-corrosion gel to the terminals of the sensor before reattaching them. Reconnect the power, ground and switch wires to the terminals, and then reconnect the negative battery cable to complete the replacement process.