How Do You Replace a Ford F150 Gas Tank?


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To replace the fuel tank in a Ford F150, drain the tank, remove the heat shield, place jacks under the fuel tank, and remove the straps on the tank. With assistance, lower the fuel tank, disconnect the fuel line, and remove and replace the tank.

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Before beginning, drain the fuel from the tank, and place the fuel in an approved container. Use a jack to raise the truck at least 18 inches off the ground if necessary, and secure the truck with the appropriate equipment. Use an impact wrench to remove the heat shield covering the fuel tank. Support the heat shield during the removal to prevent injuries.

After removing the heat shield, support the fuel tank by placing two floor jacks under it, and use the impact wrench to remove the bolts from the straps supporting the fuel tank. Set the bolts aside, and twist the straps to the side gently to allow the fuel tank to rest on the floor jacks.

Have an assistant lower the jacks slightly to reveal the fuel line. Disconnect the fuel line with a 1/4-inch hex socket. Remove the fuel tank, and set the new tank in its place. Reconnect the fuel line, and replace the straps and heat shield.

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