How Do You Replace a Ford Explorer Thermostat?

To replace a Ford Explorer thermostat, disconnect the hoses blocking access to the thermostat housing, and then remove the thermostat from the housing. Drain the coolant beforehand, and then flush the system afterward.

  1. Drain the coolant

    Position a bucket underneath the radiator drain plug. Unbolt the plug, and allow the fluid to drain.

  2. Remove the air cleaner tube

    Disconnect the outlet tube from the air cleaner.

  3. Remove the alternator wires

    Disconnect the wires from the alternator, and then set the harness aside.

  4. Remove the radiator hose

    Move the bucket near you. Apply a spray lubricant to the radiator hose, and then disconnect it from the thermostat housing. Place the hose in the bucket to collect excess coolant.

  5. Remove the thermostat housing

    Loosen the bolts on the thermostat housing, and disconnect it.

  6. Remove the thermostat

    Remove the thermostat, and replace it with a clean rag.

  7. Install the new thermostat

    Remove the rag. Install the new thermostat in the same way as the old, and then install a new O-ring seal.

  8. Reattach the housing

    Reattach the thermostat housing, and torque the bolts to the manufacturer's specifications.

  9. Return the rest of the parts

    Reattach the radiator hose and air cleaner tube.

  10. Fill the radiator reservoir

    Fill the radiator reservoir with radiator flush. Drain the flush, and then fill the reservoir with coolant.