How Do You Replace a Fog Light Assembly?


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To replace a fog light assembly, locate the wiring harness on the back of the assembly, and disconnect it. Remove the mounting screws on the assembly to release it, and set the new assembly into place. Tighten the mounting screws, and reattach the wiring harness. Install the bulbs, connect the appropriate wiring to the bulbs, and test the assembly to ensure it works properly.

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Some cars require removing or partially removing the front bumper to access the fog light assembly. The mounting bolts are typically located on the back of the fog light assembly, but may be located in the front of the assembly, depending on the make and model. Examine the assembly carefully to locate the mounting bolts.

When installing the new fog lights, wear gloves when handling the bulbs, as the bulbs can fail when exposed to oils or other contaminants. To install the bulb, remove the fog light cover, and disconnect the wiring harness on the back of the bulb.

Set the new bulb into place, and reconnect the harness before installing the cover. Replace both assemblies at the same time if possible. If both assemblies stop working at the same time, check the fuse to ensure replacing the assembly is necessary.

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