How Do You Replace an Engine Head?


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Replacing an engine head involves accessing and removing the old engine head from the car, replacing the old engine head gasket, and using bolts to secure a new engine head in place. Clean the engine before bolting the new head.

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To access to the engine head, start by jacking up the car front. Using a wrench, remove the nuts that secure the car's left front wheel onto the wheel hub, detach the wheel from the hub, locate the engine belts, and detach them from the engine. Remove the bolts that secure the exhaust pipe in place, and set it aside before detaching the air cleaner and hoses. Use your hand to detach the sensors from the head; remove the fuel lines and kick down and throttle cables; and empty the radiator of the engine coolant before detaching the upper radiator hose and spark plug wires.

Next, unscrew the bolts securing the head in place, and pry the head out of position with a pry bar. Scrub off any dirt and grime from the engine. Dampen a rag with brake cleaner, and use the rag to wipe the engine clean. Replace the old engine head gasket with a new one, pin the new head over the engine block, and use a torque wrench to secure the head in place with lubricated bolts, taking care to torque the bolts according to the service manual. Complete the process by replacing the engine parts and wheel and removing the jacks.

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