How Do You Replace an EGR Valve?

To replace an exhaust gas recirculation valve, the emissions system should be tested, the vacuum line removed and the unit replaced. The unit is generally mounted on or near the intake manifold of the vehicle.

The EGR valve is connected with the vehicle's emission system. Before replacing the unit, it should be correctly diagnosed because an exhaust leak can cause the same symptoms of a failing EGR valve. Once the diagnosis is complete, follow these steps to troubleshoot and replace the unit.

  1. Locate the valve
  2. Open the engine compartment and locate the valve. Most units are placed on or near the intake manifold.

  3. Troubleshoot the valve
  4. Turn the car on and unplug the vacuum line that connects to the EGR valve. If the idle speed does not change, the valve is stuck and needs to be replaced.

  5. Remove the electrical connector
  6. Disconnect the electrical connector from the valve.

  7. Remove the mounting bolts
  8. Loosen and remove the mounting bolts from the EGR valve and pull out the unit.

  9. Replace the unit
  10. Place a new gasket on the replacement EGR valve. Install the replacement unit and tighten the bolts.

  11. Connect the vacuum
  12. Reconnect the vacuum line and sensor.

  13. Erase the codes
  14. Take the diagnosis machine and erase any codes from the cars computer. Then, take the vehicle out for a test drive.