How Do You Replace Your Driver Window?


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To replace your driver window, disconnect the car battery, remove the window control panel and trim cover, remove the old window glass, and then place a replacement glass into the slot previously occupied by the old glass. Reassemble the window, and reconnect the battery.

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How Do You Replace Your Driver Window?
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To prevent a possible electric short, start by detaching the negative cable from the car's battery. Once the battery is disconnected, detach the window control panel from the trim cover by prying it out with a plastic trim stick. Follow up with a screwdriver to peel off the cover. Loosen the screws that secure the door panels in place, and remove the panels. Lubricate any hard-to-remove screws with liquid wrench before removal.

Once you access the window, detach the watershield, and remove the plate that attaches the window to the car. Using a hex wrench, unscrew and remove the bolts that secure the regulator in place, and pull out the glass from the window.

Insert the new glass into the slot of the old one, and carefully secure it to the mounting plate. Replace the regulator, and reattach the battery cable. Test the window, replace the door trim and window panel, and secure them with screws. Finally, retest the window, and fix any defects as needed.

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