How Do You Replace the Doors on a Dodge Ram 1500?


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Remove the doors on a Dodge Ram 1500 by removing the vertical mounting bolts that connect the door to its hinges and cutting the wires that run to the door's electronics as close as possible to the door on the hinge side. Remove the door panels and speakers from the old door in order to gain access to the door's mounting bolts.

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The door mounting bolts on a Dodge Ram 1500 of any year model are mounted from the upper side of the hinge. Roll the window all the way down, and cut the wires to secure access to the mounting bolts from the top of the door. After the bolts are off and the door is removed, inspect the hinges to ensure that they are not bent, as the slightest bend in a hinge or its mounting will ruin your new door the first time you open it.

New door kits usually come with a wiring harness for the speaker, power window and lock wires that run from the engine compartment. If there is no wiring harness that can be easily plugged in, you will need a helper to support the door while crimping the wires from the battery to the electronics in the door.

Torque the door mounting bolts to the new door according to the vehicle's specifications; increased pressure can adversely affect the orientation of the door. Close the door very carefully at first; if there is any resistance, readjust the bolts right away.

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