How Do You Replace a Dome Switch?


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To replace a vehicle's dome light switch, disconnect the positive terminal of the vehicle's battery, remove the non-functioning switch, and install the new switch. Reattach the positive terminal to see if the dome light is working.

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When replacing a dome light switch, remove the dome light cover using a Phillips head screwdriver. If applicable, remove the decorative trim by gently prying it with a flat-head screwdriver until the clip holding it in place loosens. Repeat this process the entire way around the trim to loosen each clip.

Find the fasteners for the switch. They are typically two Phillips head screws. Unscrew them, and pull the switch out of the dome light. As it dangles, loosen the clips with a flat-head screwdriver to remove the wire bundle attached to it. Once the clips are loosened, the switch simply pulls out of the housing at the bottom of the wire.

Take the bundle of plastic wires, and insert them into the new switch. Listen for a click to verify that the wires are in place. Line up the switch with the original fasteners, and secure the screws. Replace the trim by pressing it into the vehicle's roof until the clips snap into place, and then replace the dome light cover.

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