How Do You Replace Dome Lights in a Vehicle?


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To replace the dome light in a vehicle, remove the lens of the light, and take the bulb out of its socket. Then, place the new bulb, test it, and replace the lens. Refer to the owner's manual or a repair manual before attempting to replace the dome light.

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How Do You Replace Dome Lights in a Vehicle?
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To remove the lens of the dome light in a vehicle, use a screwdriver to create a small gap between the housing and the lens of the light. Check the positions of the retaining tabs that keep the lens in position. Usually, there are four retaining tabs located on any two of the four sides of the lens.

To undo the tabs, pry their sides away from the light's housing using a screwdriver with a flat head. Pull gently, as otherwise the lens might break. Expose two tabs on one of the lens's sides, and gently press the lens in a downward direction. This should undo the tabs and drop the lens down, which in turn should release the remaining two tabs. Once this is accomplished, take the lens out.

If any screws are keeping the lens in position, unscrew them using a Phillips screwdriver, and then remove the lens. Clean the lens with a liquid cleaner.

Next, turn or pop the light bulb out of the clips holding it in place. Replace it with the new bulb. After testing the bulbs for proper functioning, reposition the lens. To do this, insert two of the tabs and then pry the lens into place using a screwdriver.

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