How Do You Replace Dodge Wiper Arms?


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To replace Dodge wiper arms, remove the wiper arm's plastic cover to reveal the bolt, unbolt the nut, grab the end of the arm, and pull up so it sticks vertically. Pull the base of the wiper arm, and wiggle it until it comes off the motor wiper.

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Alternatively, move the wiper blade arm away from the windshield, undo the tab or lever at the center of the blades at the end of the wiper arm, and pull the wiper off. Using glass chalk, mark the arm's position on the windshield for easier alignment of the replacement arm later on. With a small flat-tip screwdriver, pop off the cap at the base of the arm. Underneath the cover, find a nut on a pivot bolt.

Using a socket wrench, unscrew the bolt. If you have removed the wiper blade, hold the wiper arm with your other hand to stop the wiper arm's bare tip from rubbing against the windshield. Once you've removed the nut, grab the base of the wiper arm, and pull it off the pivoting bolt. If you can't pull it off directly, gently wiggle it off the pivoting bolt.

Align the replacement arm using the chalk marking you made earlier, and mount it onto the bolt. Screw the nut back onto the pivoting bolt, and secure the wiper arm into place.

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