How Do You Replace a Dodge Rear Differential?


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To replace a Dodge rear differential, park the car on a flat surface, and engage the parking brake. Use a floor jack to lift up the car before removing its rear wheels, axle tube and the differential carrier. Install the new replacement differential.

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You need a screwdriver, chisel, torque wrench, differential and the differential cover gasket to perform the task. Using a tire tool, loosen the lug nuts from the rear wheel, but do not remove it. Jack the rear end of the Dodge truck up, and place the jack stands under the proper rear jacking ends. Finish removing the lugs nuts from the rear wheels. Remove the differential cover, and drain the gear oil before removing the brake drums.

Disconnect the retaining flange that holds the axial seal bearing and collar. Remove the axle out of the axle tube, and do the same for the other side. Remove the differential carefully so as not to damage the gasket sealing surface. Examine the differential carrier housing for foreign materials, and replace any defective components.

Install the new rear differential carrier as required. Tighten the bearing cap bolts as indicated by the manufacturer. Reinstall the axle tube, brake drums and rear wheels. Test drive the vehicle, and look for any leaks to confirm rear differential repair needs.

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