How Do You Replace a Dodge Neutral Safety Switch?

How Do You Replace a Dodge Neutral Safety Switch?

Replacing a neutral safety switch requires locating the components, disconnecting the battery and replacing the switch. The switch itself is responsible for preventing a driver from accidentally turning the car on while it is in gear.

The neutral safety switch will not allow a vehicle to crank over if the transmission is not in park or neutral. Use the following instructions to replace a damaged neutral safety switch on a Dodge vehicle:

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. When working on an electrical component of a vehicle, always disconnect the battery to avoid accidental shock.

  3. Raise the vehicle
  4. Raise and support the vehicle using a floor jack and stands.

  5. Locate the switch
  6. The switch is on either the left or right side of the transmission.

  7. Replace the switch
  8. Unbolt and unplug the switch, then install a new unit.