How Do You Replace a Disk Brake Backing Plate?


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To replace a damaged disc brake backing plate, you need a lug nut wrench, a socket and ratchet, a screwdriver, a tubing wrench, an allen wrench, and some WD-40 spray. Replacing the backing plate involves removing the original plate from the end of the axle and attaching a new backing plate with bearings back into its place.

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Use a jack stand to lift the car, ensuring that there is enough space underneath for you to work in. Remove the wheel, then remove the two caliper bolts from the rear of the caliper. Remove the caliper.

Detach the rotor and set aside until reassembly. Loosen the bolts holding the axle in place. Oil will come out from this process, so make sure to have a catch pan underneath. Look for the damaged backing plate at the end of the axle and detach it from the mechanism.

Remove the bearing cap and the static clip out of the spindle. Using a wrench, loosen the allen nut from the spindle nut. Inspect the seals of the hub by detaching it. Replace the seals if necessary.

Connect the brake lever into the rubber boot. It should connect easily. Install the big spring into the brake shoes. Install the adjustment screw and the bottom spring first, then the pins and clips, and lastly the skinny top spring.

Install the brake cable end into the lever and adjust accordingly. Slide the rotor hat on. Slide the hub assembly and its bearings over where the old backing plate was. Secure tightly with a spindle nut. Test the brakes in a test drive and adjust as needed.

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