How Do You Replace the Dashboard in Dodge Vehicles?


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To replace the dashboard on a Dodge vehicle, look on the dash panel for the seams, pry open the gaps with a flathead screwdriver, pull off the dash and install the new dashboard by popping it into the clips on the body. Most vehicle manufacturers build cars with plastic dashes that can easily be popped or pried out with a flathead screwdriver so mechanics can access the radio and dash panel.

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Find the seams in the dash panel by locating gaps between the dashboard the body. Find them around the border of the radio, steering wheel and center console. Slowly and carefully wedge your flathead screwdriver in between those gaps, and pull back. Repeat this process until the dashboard is loose, focusing your energy on the main clips connecting the dashboard to the body of the car. When the dashboard is loosened and the clips are off, pull the dashboard out.

Before beginning the process to replace the dashboard, park the vehicle in a location where you can comfortably access the interior from both sides, and shift back the front seats as much as possible to make more room. The specific process of replacing a dashboard can vary depending the make and model of the vehicle.

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