How Do You Replace the Dashboard in a Dodge Ram?

How Do You Replace the Dashboard in a Dodge Ram?

To replace the dashboard in a Dodge Ram, disconnect the negative battery terminal, remove the screws, and disengage the tabs that secure the dashboard to take the old unit out. To install the new dashboard, position the replacement part appropriately, and replace the tabs, screws and battery terminal.

Begin removing the old dashboard from a Dodge Ram by first opening the hood of the vehicle. Locate the negative cable of the battery, and disconnect it from the battery's negative terminal using a socket wrench. This prevents the airbags in the vehicle from deploying when the dashboard is removed.

Then, unscrew the eight dashboard screws using a Phillips screwdriver. The dashboard has four screws on its top portion and two each on its right and left panels. Removing the screws loosens the dashboard from its position. Additionally, squeeze the plastic locking tabs to disengage them from the dashboard.

Gently tug the dashboard off, and remove it from the vehicle. If the dashboard does not pull out easily, use a screwdriver with a flat head to pry it out.

To install the replacement dashboard, position it appropriately in the vehicle. Ensure that the locking tabs click into position. Engage the tabs gently, as otherwise the dashboard may crack under pressure.

Screw the eight dashboard screws back in. Reconnect the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal. Finally, close the vehicle's hood.