How Do You Replace CV Axles?[DIFFICULT]?


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Disconnect the vehicle's battery, and use a hydraulic jack to lift up the vehicle and clear away any obstacles, such as the vehicle's suspension of moving brake lines. After that, loosen the wheel-side axle mounting bolts to remove the CV axles, and replace them with new ones.

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In some cases, removing the vehicle's suspension may be necessary in order to operate a wrench on the wheel-side axle mounting bolts. Loosening the vehicle's sway bar end link bushings and strut top mounts without removing them can provide suspension travel that makes it easier to remove the axles. Upon removing the axle from its assembly, avoid letting the axle hang from the differential or the transmission, as doing so could damage important oil seals.

Additionally, avoid bending the axle seals, and be careful not to perforate oil seals on the transmission or differential that the CV axle is attached to. Transfer all of the axle seals, ABS rings and oil seals to the replacement CV axle before installing it where the defective axle was. In many vehicles, the CV axle fits into its retainer with a clicking mechanism. Snap the replacement axle firmly into place without forcing the device to fit, check the axle rotation and reassemble the dismantled components to finish the procedure.

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