How Do You Replace the Clutch on a Ford F150 With Manual Transmission?

How Do You Replace the Clutch on a Ford F150 With Manual Transmission?

To replace the clutch on a Ford F150 with manual transmission, disconnect the battery's negative cable, elevate the vehicle, take the gear shift linkage out, and detach the speedometer and rear light harness. Take the transmission and driveshaft out, access the old clutch, and replace with a new one from a clutch kit. Grease the new clutch, and reassemble the various parts.

After disconnecting the negative cable of the vehicle's battery, use a jack and stands to elevate the truck. Disconnect the fluid coupling to drain the vehicle's fluid out. Place a drip pan beneath the coupling to collect the fluid. With a screwdriver, detach the gear shift linkage and the transmission.

To take the driveshaft out, undo its bolts. Also, take the transmission mount out, and use a floor jack to keep it steady. With a socket, detach the cover assembly and the clutch's pressure plate to access the clutch. Now, remove the old clutch, position the new one, and tighten to the required torque.

Apart from the replacement clutch, apply grease also on the release bearing grooves and fingers of the release levers.

To reassemble the various parts, replace the housing of the flywheel, the driveshaft and the transmission. Refill the truck's cylinder with fluid, and bleed the system. Finally, use the jack to lower the vehicle.