How Do You Replace a Clutch?


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To replace a car's clutch, lift the front hood, remove the transaxle, uninstall the old clutch disc, repair the flywheel if needed, clean the crankshaft flange, replace the flywheel, insert a new clutch disc into the car, and remove the car jack. Testing the new clutch completes this process.

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How Do You Replace a Clutch?
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Start by parking your car on a flat surface and lifting the car's front with a car jack, taking care to ensure that the jack supports the engine from underneath the oil pan. Detach the positive battery and clutch cables. To access the clutch, remove the bolts that secure one of the engine mounts in place, undo the bolts from the flywheel bell housing, and remove the transaxle from the engine by pushing it off.

Once you access the clutch, remove the pressure plate, and remove the clutch disc from the car. Remove and repair a damaged flywheel as needed. If the flywheel is beyond repair, replace it with a new flywheel. Clear the crankshaft flange of any dirt, reinstall the flywheel, place the new clutch disc in place of the old one, and return the transaxle to its original position. Lower the car, and test drive it to determine if the new clutch is properly installed.

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