How Do You Replace a Cigarette Lighter in Your Car?

To replace a cigarette lighter in a car, remove the old lighter, insert the wires for the new lighter through the hole and into the area under the hood, connect the wires, and then push the new lighter into place. To test the connection, start the car.

After taking the old lighter out, strip off about 1/2 inch of insulation from the new wires, and plug the wires into the correct terminals. Place the free ends of the wires through the dashboard, and run them to the battery, following the path of the other wires. Do not allow the wires to cross the engine or other high-temperature parts.

Cut the red wire approximately 6 inches from the free end, and then strip off 1/2 inch from both the red and black wires. Splice the red wire from the lighter to one end of the fuse holder, and then splice the red wire from the battery to the other end of the fuse holder. Wrap the wires with electrical tape, and then install a 10-ampere fuse to the fuse holder.

Crimp the end of the red wire to a ring terminal that can slip onto the positive battery terminal clamp. Take the negative battery clamp, unscrew the lock nut, and then crimp the black wire to a ring terminal that fits onto the negative terminal post of the battery. Replace the lock nut, and tighten all connections. Put the lighter receptacle into the dashboard, and then press the lighter plug into it for testing.