How Do You Replace a Chrysler Remote Start?


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The tools required for the replacement of the Chrysler remote start include a cordless drill, wire crimpers, Phillips screwdrivers, soldering iron and solder. In addition, you need electrical tape, wire ties, wire strippers and appropriately sized drill bits.

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Select a replacement start that is compatible with the vehicle model and make. Disconnect all the wires connecting to the existing unit, and remove the remote starter unit. Uncover the underdash panel of the vehicle to gain access to the main ignition wires. The ignition, second ignition, accessory and starter wires are in a harness running down from the ignition switch. The brake wire is also present in the harness. Remove the kick panel and search the parking light wire.

Scrape some amount of paint from the metal in the kick panel. Use wire strippers to remove some insulation from each wire, if wires are entirely covered with the insulation. Connect the applicable wire from the wire harness that came with the remote starter. Solder all the connections with a soldering iron. Ensure to insulate the connections done with an electrical tape.

Attach the starter ground wire to the metal in the kick panel with a self-tapping screw and a ring terminal. Drill a hole in the firewall and run the remote start hood and tach wires through the hole in the engine compartment. Mount the hood pin and attach the vehicle tach to the remote starter tach. Route the remote start antenna to the starter. Program the Chrysler remote start and test it.

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