How Do You Replace a Chevy Truck Bed?


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To replace a Chevy truck bed, undo the three screws that secure the gas nozzle to the bed, and remove the ground strap, taillight harness, and the old truck bed. Install the replacement truck bed.

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You need a ratchet, socket set, Phillips screwdriver, torque wrench and 8-inch threaded steel rods to remove and replace a Chevy truck bed. Using a ratchet and an appropriate socket, remove the screws that secure the fuel housing and ground strap, usually mounted on the driver’s side forward bed mount. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove screws retaining the taillight housing, and then disconnect the wiring harness.

Identify the four bed mounts on each frame rail. Use a ratchet to undo the bolts that secure the bed to the frame. Use an impact wrench if the bolts are too stubborn to remove. With the help of friends, lift the bed off the truck and set it aside.

To install the replacement bed, tip the bed up on one side and thread the threaded steel rods on each mounting hole. Pick up the bed, match the mounting pins with the mounts on the frame rails, and then lower it carefully into place. Remove the steel rod, and insert the bed mounting bolts. Route and connect the wiring harness for the rear lights and taillights. Install the ground strap and gas nozzle housing as required.

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