How Do You Replace the Center Brake Light?

To replace the center brake light, also known as the third brake light, locate the brake lights on the vehicle, find out the kind of bulb needed, safely remove the old bulb and replace it with the new bulb. For example, in a Chevy Cavalier without a spoiler, the bulb should be a number 1141, according to

To replace the center brake light on, as an example, a Chevy Cavalier without a spoiler:

  1. Access the brake light
  2. Open the trunk and look at the underside of the rear deck, where access holes for the brake lights are. Locate the access hole for the center brake light.

  3. Safely remove the old bulb
  4. Put on gloves for protection. The gloves will prevent oil from the hands getting on the bulb. Carefully rotate the bulb counterclockwise until it is loose. Pull it out of the fixture and the socket. Dispose of it.

  5. Replace the bulb
  6. Push the new number 1141 bulb into the socket. The bulb prongs can be positioned at any point in the socket. Lift the socket into the fixture and rotate it clockwise to lock it in place.

There may be variations in this process for different makes and models of cars. For example, a Chevy Cavalier with a spoiler needs a number 912 bulb, and the replacement process involves unscrewing the lens from the spoiler.