How Do You Replace the Carpet in an RV?


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Install new carpet by removing the RV furniture and removing the old carpet and padding. Clean up all the staples that held the carpet into place and cut holes in the new carpet for things such as the pedals and seats, using the old carpet as a guide. Lay the carpet down and staple it into place using an air stapler.

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The first step to replacing the carpet in an RV is buying new carpet. Choose a carpet that does not show dirt easily. Save money by looking for scraps at a home improvement or carpet store. Follow the steps below to complete the replacement process.

  1. Remove the RV furniture
  2. Begin by removing air vents along the floor. Take out the seats by removing the bolts that hold them in place. Remove the center console by taking out the four screws that hold it on the floor.

  3. Remove the old carpet and padding
  4. Begin pulling up the old carpet and padding. Leave the carpet that goes around the steering column, pedals and console in one piece and use them as a pattern for the new carpet.

  5. Remove the staples
  6. Spend time checking for and removing the old staples that held the carpet in place.

  7. Cut out the necessary holes
  8. Using the old carpet as a guide, cut out the holes for the steering column, center console and anything else that sits on the floor.

  9. Position the carpet
  10. Position the carpet firmly into corners and along walls. Once positioned, staple it into place, making sure to smooth out any waves or ripples.

  11. Replace furniture
  12. Replace the air vents, seats, center console and anything else that was removed.

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