How Do You Replace a Carburetor on an Arctic Cat 500 ATV?


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To replace the Mikuni carburetor on an Arctic Cat 500, remove the old carburetor using a hex driver, Phillips screwdriver and large pliers. Shut off the fuel valve and remove the air box before beginning the project.

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Replacing the carburetor on an Arctic Cat 500 will help provide power and reliability to the vehicle. When cleaning the carburetor is not enough to restore performance, replacing it might be the only option. Carburetors vary slightly, but replacing one is a straightforward task that is the same for many models. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

  1. Shut off the fuel valve
  2. Locate the fuel valve between the fuel tank and fuel pump and turn it off.

  3. Remove the air box
  4. Take off the air box by removing the bolts holding it in place.

  5. Disconnect the fuel lines
  6. Disconnect all the lines going into the carburetor except the float bowl drain line.

  7. Remove the cap
  8. Unscrew and remove the cap. Pull up on the slide to remove it.

  9. Remove the choke assembly
  10. Remove the choke assembly by unscrewing it.

  11. Remove the clamp holding the rubber flange to the carburetor
  12. Loosen the clamp that holds the rubber flange to the carburetor using a Phillips screwdriver.

  13. Remove the old carburetor
  14. Pull the old carburetor off.

  15. Put in a new carburetor
  16. Following the instructions listed above in reverse, install the new carburetor.

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