How Do You Replace a Car Window?

How Do You Replace a Car Window?

How Do You Replace a Car Window?

Replace a car window by gathering the necessary materials, taking the door apart, removing the window to be replaced and inserting in a window glass panel. Car windows are typically replaced due to irreparable damage, such as damage from a smashed car window.

Professional automotive services tend to be expensive. Rather than avail the services of a technician to replace a broken car window, consumers sometimes opt to do the project themselves and save money. Although installing a new car window is a complicated process, the task is doable for amateur mechanics at home.

  1. Prepare the needed materials
  2. Obtain the necessary parts and supplies, including a new glass window. Ready the tools and safety equipment, such as screwdrivers, socket sets, trim-removal implements, safety glasses, work gloves and shop vacuum.

  3. Clean up the vehicle
  4. Wearing the work gloves and safety glasses, remove shards of glass from the vehicle's interior, including its surrounding area. Vacuum the dashboard, doors, seats, center console and carpet.

  5. Dismount the door panel
  6. Unhook the quick-disconnect plug for vehicles with power windows. Disengage the inner door panel by removing the screws. Peel away the weather barrier sheet away from the surface to access the lift mechanism, bracket and clips. Vacuum the door panel to ensure thorough removal of broken glass pieces.

  7. Remove the sealing strip
  8. Lift away the weather stripping from the surface of the door panel. Find and release one of the window tracks located at the door's base.

  9. Install the new window
  10. Fit the shorter side in first at a 90-degree angle until the longer side lodges onto the window track. Fasten the glass panel to the door regulator and bolt back the track. Check the newly-inserted glass to see if it is functioning properly. Use the steps for dismounting the door panel in reverse order to put it back together.