How Do You Replace a Car Thermostat?


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To replace a car thermostat, unbolt the gooseneck housing around the thermostat near the top of the engine, unbolt and remove the old thermostat and gasket, bolt in the new thermostat and gasket and reconnect the gooseneck housing. If the gasket is not a self-sealing gasket, sealant must be applied before reconnecting the gooseneck housing, according to the Family Handyman website.

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If a car's engine is repeatedly overheating without the dashboard indicating that the engine is too hot, it means the thermostat in the engine needs to be replaced. Use the following steps to replace a vehicle's thermostat.

  1. Purchase a new thermostat and gasket from an auto shop
  2. If possible, purchase a self-sealing gasket.

  3. Locate the thermostat near the top of the engine
  4. Most thermostats are located at the top of the engine in a gooseneck housing.

  5. Unbolt the housing and unbolt the gasket holding the thermostat
  6. Carefully remove the bolts holding the housing and gasket without dropping any bolts down into the vehicle. If necessary, clean the thermostat housing.

  7. Pull out the old thermostat and bolt on the new thermostat and gasket
  8. After removing the old thermostat, bolt in the new thermostat and gasket exactly how the old one was positioned.

  9. Reconnect the gooseneck housing
  10. Finish by bolting the gooseneck housing back on over the thermostat and gasket.

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