How Do You Replace a Car's Front Door Side Panels?


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To replace a car's front door panels, contact a local automotive service center, such as AGCO Automotive Corporation, to have the car repaired; you may also purchase replacement parts and perform the repairs yourself. AGCO Automotive, which is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is one of many auto repair shops in the United States that service car door panels. Repair facilities can usually repair car door panels on different models; for example, AGCO services both domestic and foreign cars.

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To replace a car door panel yourself, first purchase a replacement panel from a company such as Coverlay, Sherman, Goodmark or Warrior. Choose a color and material that complement your car's interior; common materials for door panels include leather, vinyl or fabric. Match the make of the new panel to your car to ensure proper fit and functionality. Assemble the necessary tools to complete the job; these include screwdrivers and plastic trim removal tools.

Unbolt anything that is attached to the panel, including lock switches, arm rests and window controls. It may be necessary to use a special tool to remove window cranks from older vehicles. Pay attention to connections for switches and other electronic devices in the door; you must reattach these correctly before installing the new panel. Remove the panel's cover. Use your owner's manual to locate the screws that secure the door panel to the frame, and carefully loosen them. Pull the panel away from the door.

Clean and lubricate the inside of the door frame before attaching the new panel. Reattach all of the wiring before fitting the new panel in place, and test it out to make sure it is in working order. To attach the new panel, reverse the steps you took to remove the old one.

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