How Do You Replace a Car Fender?


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To replace a fender, remove the retainers, front bumper, lights and bolts that hold the fender in place before pulling the fender from the vehicle. Make sure to examine the car for damage before putting a new fender onto the car.

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Start the fender removal process by removing any retainers, such as clips or screws, from the fender liner and front bumper. Lower or remove the bumper, and then open the hood before removing any lamps that may attach to the fender. If there is an antenna mask or rocker molding, remove these parts, and remove the under hood bolts that attach the fender to the car. After removing the fender bolts, the fender pulls away.

Next it is important to remove any guards, moldings, shields, insulators, emblems or reflectors from the old fender, as they may fit on the new fender. Take a look at the apron behind the fender, and see if there is damage. Check the new fender's size to ensure that it fits correctly, and then tighten the bolts to start attaching the new fender. If necessary, install the rocker molding, and then install the under hood parts, such as the headlamp assembly, grille or upper radiator support. Reattach the front bumper cover, and then install any moldings, emblems, nameplates or other parts before finishing the installation.

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