How Do You Replace a Camshaft Sensor?


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To replace a camshaft sensor, disconnect the battery, pull off the electrical cap and remove the bolts. Pull on the sensor to remove it, and remove the electrical connectors. Plug in the new sensor, fasten the bolts, and reconnect the electrical sensors to complete the installation.

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Disconnect the car battery completely before removing a camshaft sensor. The sensor location varies by vehicle; look on the vehicle's cylinder head, on the timing cover or inside the distributor. If the sensor has a locking tab, pull it off and remove the bolts with a wrench. Pull on the top of the sensor to disconnect it, and remove the electrical connectors. If your vehicle has an O-ring or a shim, pull them out and set them aside.

Slide the O-ring and shim onto the new camshaft sensor. Pull up the electrical connections, and attach them to the new sensor. Slide the sensor into the port, aligning the side pieces with the bolt holes in the shim and engine body. Twist the bolts into place, and tighten them with a wrench. If your vehicle has an electrical cap, snap it back into place on the new sensor. Reconnect the battery, and try starting the car to ensure that the sensor is connected correctly.

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