How Do You Replace Callahan Brakes?


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The process of replacing Callahan brakes involves first raising a vehicle and removing the wheels, unbolting and removing the callipers, rotors and other components, then installing the new equipment. Replacing Callahan brake rotors, pads and equipment can alleviate squealing noises, steering vibration and other issues with the brake system that may pose a safety risk.

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The first step in replacing Callahan brakes is to loosen the lug nuts and use a hydraulic jack to raise the vehicle. After removing the wheels, loosen the calipers and remove the caliper carriers. Remove the rotor; use a hammer to dislodge it if rust buildups or other issues make it difficult to pull free. After removing the existing rotor, clean the wheel hub using penetrating grease and a wire brush before installing the new components.

Install the Callahan rotor by positioning it flush with the hub and using a lug nut to secure it while tightening the rest of the components. Reassemble the caliper carrier before replacing the caliper and pads. Apply a thin layer of anti-squeal grease to the pads to ensure smooth operation. Install the caliper bolts and inspect the caliper movement to ensure it is free of binding. Tighten all bolts and inspect the new components before reattaching the wheels.

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