How Do You Replace a Broken Side View Mirror?


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To replace the broken side view mirror of a vehicle, detach the trim panel of the mirror, remove the broken mirror, and replace it with a new one. If you have an electric mirror, disconnect the negative cable of the car's battery before detaching the trim panel of the mirror, and detach the electrical connector from the mirror as well.

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How Do You Replace a Broken Side View Mirror?
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If the side view mirror is manually-operated, remove the trim panel of the mirror and the retaining screws that hold the mirror in place. Take out the broken glass. Apply a layer of permanent adhesive to the back of the replacement mirror, and affix it appropriately.

When working with an electrically operated side view mirror, first use a hooked pick to remove the decorative vanity caps, located normally at the back of the speaker grills and beneath the armrest. Undo the exposed screws to take the trim panel off the door. Use a screwdriver to undo the three screws that keep the mirror mounted. These screws should be located towards the vehicle's door. Detach the cable that connects to the electrical connector.

Affix the replacement mirror, and reattach the electrical connector cable. Test to see if the mirror functions as required. If it does, screw it in place, push in the fasteners, and finally reassemble the trim panel.

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