How Do You Replace a Broken Motor Mount?


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Changing a broken motor mount requires jacking up the engine, removing the bolts connecting the mount to the engine and frame and replacing it. Rear wheel drive vehicles generally have two motor mounts, but front wheel drive models have an additional mount, commonly known as a dog bone mount.

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Always park your vehicle on a level surface before attempting any repairs. Check the available clearance in the engine compartment to ensure there is ample room to raise the engine. Place wood blocks underneath the vehicle between the jack and engine. Lift the engine slightly to remove the pressure on the bolts. Never use the oil pan as a lift point, because it can rupture from the weight of the load.

Release the bolts from the engine compartment that connect the mount and engine; then the bolts that connect the mount to the frame. This step requires getting under the car. Jack the engine up until the mounts release. While replacing the mounts, make sure to return any heat or drip shields to their proper location.

Thread the bolts connecting the mount to the frame first in order to allow for easier insertion of the engine mount bolts. After you have threaded all the bolts in, lower the engine and tighten all bolts to complete the task.

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