How Do You Replace the Brakes on a Ford F-350?


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To replace Ford F-350 brake pads, loosen the lug nuts on the tire, jack the vehicle up, and place jack stands under the vehicle. Remove the tire, and locate the caliper. Remove the bolts holding the caliper in place, and remove the caliper. Remove the old brake pads, and install new brake pads. Compress the caliper piston with caliper compression tool until the caliper piston is even with the caliper, and place the caliper on the rotor. Replace the tire.

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When removing the caliper from the rotor, do not crimp or tear the brake line. After removing the caliper from the rotor, set the brake pads into place, and apply a small amount of brake grease to the top and bottom of the of the brake pads to reduce noisy operation.

Do not allow the grease to touch the rotor or the inside of the brake pads. Take the cap off the brake reservoir before compressing the caliper to avoid damaging the brake line.

After tightening the caliper bolts, check the function of the caliper to ensure the bolts aren't too tight, and check the brake fluid before driving the vehicle. Add brake fluid as needed, and pump the brakes until you feel pressure before driving the vehicle. If the brake pedal doesn't become harder to press after pumping the brakes, or if other problems occur, consult a mechanic.

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