How Do You Replace Brake Shoes?


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To replace brake shoes, first place the vehicle on jack stands. Determine if the rear brakes are drum or disc brakes. If they are drum brakes, remove the wheel and the brake drum. Take off the brake shoe assembly by removing the pins on either side of it. This can be done by using a pair a pliers to depress the spring on the pin and pulling the pin through the back. Store parts in a safe place.

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Pull the old brake shoe off in one piece. Assemble the new brake shoe, using the old one as a guide to ensure all the springs are placed correctly. Transfer of any parts from the old brake shoe should be done carefully to prevent future confusion.

Install the new brake shoe by placing it first over the brackets at the bottom of the assembly. Press in the brake pistons at the top to ease the shoe over the wheel cylinder. Replace the spring loaded pins. Once secure, replace the brake drum.

Brake shoes create friction against the brake drums and are responsible for slowing down the car. They are only used on drum brakes, as disc brakes utilize brake pads. Brake shoes are cost-effective to build and purchase. They are also incredibly safe, as the distribution of the braking system puts equal strain on the front axle and prevents the brake shoes from overheating.

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