How Do You Replace a Blown Fuse in a Dodge?


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Replacing a blown fuse in a Dodge vehicle consists of locating the fuse box, identifying and removing the bad fuse, placing a replacement fuse of the correct amperage in the right slot and then testing the circuit to ensure proper operation. Fuses blow to prevent serious damage to electrical components.

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The first step in replacing a blown fuse is to locate the fuse panel. Depending on the vehicle's make and model, panels may be located in different areas of the interior. The Dodge owner's manual typically indicates the position of the fuse panel although it is commonly mounted on the underside of the driver's dash near the steering column. The inside of the fuse panel provides a diagram allowing for easy identification of fuses and their functions.

Each fuse contains a thin strip of metal known as the filament. Identify blown fuses by looking for a black mark around or near the filament. A fuse-puller, tweezers or other tool can aid in fuse removal. Check the amperage of the replacement fuse against the fuse panel diagram or owner's manual or by visual assessment of the blown fuse. Fuses have different numbers and are color coded to denote amperage. Reseal the fuse panel after slotting the replacement fuse, and turn the ignition to test the circuit.

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