How Do You Replace a Blower Motor?


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To replace a blower motor in a car, a person needs a replacement motor, continuity tester, screwdriver and flashlight. Wear safety glasses and latex gloves to keep hands and eyes safe.

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Start by locating the old blower motor, which is under the dash on the passenger side. It may be necessary in some vehicles to remove the entire dash to access it. Disconnect the old blower motor from the electrical connector, and then remove the retaining screws to the assembly that holds the blower motor. The box and the assembly can then be removed from the car and the retaining screws removed from the blower motor before the motor is removed from the box.

It is a good idea to compare the old blower motor with the new one, as this allows the person to ensure the correct part is installed. The new motor is next placed into the box, and the retaining screws tightened. The person then re-installs the entire blower motor assembly. The blower motor is then connected to the electrical connector in order to give it power. At this point, the heating and A/C system should be turned on, and the operation of the blower motor should be checked. Make sure that the system produces both cold and hot air, and that it operates on all speeds.

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