How Do You Replace the Bed of a Ford F350 Pickup Truck?


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To replace the bed on a Ford F350, grind the heads off the Taplite 2000 bed bolts that attach the bed to the frame, remove the tail lights and disconnect the bed's wiring, then use a post lift, engine hoist or the help of three other people to remove the bed and replace it. Consult the F350's maintenance guide to view a diagram illustrating where to drive in the new bed bolts and which bolts to use.

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The tools needed for this task include a ratchet with assorted sockets and extensions, a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, a Torx Plus socket, a heavy hammer or small sledge hammer, protective goggles and an angle grinder. You also need a post lift, engine hoist or three helpers. Replacing a truck bed is a difficult task and should not be attempted by a novice mechanic. Since most old Ford F350 beds are rusted, not all of the bed bolts are likely to come out using a Torx Plus socket. Use an angle grinder to grind down the bolt heads and cut a square around them to enable removal of the old bed.

After removing the tail lights and disconnecting the fuel filler neck and bed wiring harness, use the post lift, engine hoist or three helpers to remove the old bed, then carefully clean the surface of the frame before installing the new frame and driving the new bed bolts. Replace the fuel filler neck, tail lights and wiring, and attach the tailgate if the new bed did not already have a tailgate attached.

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