How Do You Replace a Bad Starter?

To replace a bad starter motor, first determine where the starter is located in the vehicle, and then remove the battery ground before removing the block assembly. If the starter is damaged, the ring gear connected to it may have damaged teeth; inspect that as well.

In most front-wheel drive vehicles, the starter motor is located in an easily accessible location in the engine compartment. In this case, the assembly can be removed without having to disassemble other parts. If that is not the case, however, the starter motor is likely located in a remote location beneath the vehicle, requiring extensive disassembly.

When replacing this device, be sure that the car's exhaust is cool to the touch to avoid being accidentally burned. Additionally, if removing the assembly from under the car, pay special attention when unscrewing the last bolt, as the motor assembly has a weight comparable to that of a bowling ball, and it falls directly downwards.

The process of replacing a starter motor can become complicated if the vehicle requires new shimming on the starter. This is apparent if any shims also become disconnected from their position and fall to the ground when the starter motor assembly is disconnected.