How Do You Replace an Automotive Water Pump?


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To replace an automotive water pump, turn off the engine, locate the pump, empty the cooling system, remove the serpentine and drive belts, and replace the pump with a new one. Pour a mixture of coolant and distilled water in the radiator, and pressure test the system. A cooling system pressure tester, a screwdriver and needle nose pliers are handy in the project.

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Switch off the engine, and open the hood to find the radiator and water pump. Remove the radiator cap and, according to the directions in the user manual, pressure test the cooling system. Place a drain pan below the radiator, and unplug the lower radiator hose or drain valve to drain the radiator. Remove the serpentine or drive belts, and detach hoses from the pump. Unfasten the pump from the engine, set aside bolts, and pull out the pump.

Mount a new gasket on the engine. Put the replacement pump in its housing, and bolt it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Fix the hoses and drive belts back in place, and close the drain valve.

Pour coolant in a container, add an equal part of distilled water, mix properly, and pour the mix into the radiator. Test the pressure of the coolant, check for leaks, and put coolant in the overflow reservoir. Turn on the engine, wait for a few minutes, fasten the radiator cap, and test the installation.

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