How Do You Replace Automotive Rubber Seals?

How Do You Replace Automotive Rubber Seals?

To replace an automotive rubber seal on a car door, pull off the existing seal from around the doors, and push in the replacement seal by hand and by using a screwdriver with a flat head. To replace a car window rubber seal, remove the seal's screws, cut the old seal, pull it out, clean the window rims, and place the new seal using a window seal adhesive.

Begin replacing the rubber seal of a car door by opening the door, and locating the seal's seam present towards the bottom-center of the door. Then, grip the seal firmly, and pull it off by hand while working around the door's perimeter. Note the curves on the seal, and how it fits over the sheet metal.

Accordingly, push the replacement seal in place. Begin at one corner, and ensure that the seams are aligned towards the door's bottom. Use a screwdriver to push the seal behind the panels made of plastic.

To replace the car window rubber seal, open the window fully, unscrew any screws securing the seal, and cut the seal at several places near the rim. Hold the seal with a pair of pliers, and tug if off the door. Cut any remaining seal pieces, remove dirt from the rim of the window, and take out the adhesive using an adhesive remover.

To attach the new rubber seal, apply adhesive around the door's rim, and the seal's bottom edge. Allow the adhesive to set for about five minutes, and place the seal in the appropriate position. Place the outer seal first, and then the inner seal. Keep the window open until the adhesive dries. Finally, replace the screws of the seal.