How Do You Replace an Automatic Transmission?


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Replacing an automatic transmissions starts with disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery and disconnecting the throttle linkage. Next, disconnect the oil filter tube, making sure to capture any oil that drips.

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How Do You Replace an Automatic Transmission?
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Raise the car using a sturdy jack; the small jacks used for replacing tires are often unsafe for performing major repairs. Disconnect wires leading to the transmission, and remove the starter. Next, drain transmission oil from the system and dispose of it safely and legally. Disconnect the shift linkage and speedometer cable. Once everything has been disconnected from the transmission, check diagrams to find out the proper bolts that need to be removed. Transmissions often weight 200 to 300 pounds, so make sure to use proper tools when lifting and removing it.

Remove the torque converter and drain its oil. Refill it with new transmission fluid, and position in so it can connect with the new transmission. Most cars have engraved lines to show how to install the new transmission, but make sure everything is cleared out of the way before lowering the new transmission into place. Reconnect everything previously disconnected, and fill the new transmission with the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer. After running the vehicle and making sure to shift through all gears, check the oil level and refill it if necessary.

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