How Do You Replace an Auto Sunroof?

How Do You Replace an Auto Sunroof?

Remove the glass, disconnect the drive mechanism, remove the inner and outer frames, clean the edges of the roof hole and install the new unit to replace the sunroof on an automobile. The specific procedure varies depending on whether the sunroof is electric, crank, pivot or lift-out style. The replacement sunroof must match the dimensions and drive specifications of the original roof, or it may not fit properly.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal when working on cars with an electric sunroof. Unscrew and disconnect any items holding the glass in place, including clamps and hinges. Lift the glass out of the sunroof in the proper direction for the specific sunroof style.

Remove the trim from the inside of the sunroof and whatever device is securing the headliner. Remove the cams that move the window. The location and number of cams depend on the style of roof. Panoramic style sunroofs have about six screws on each side while pop-up designs usually have three cam bolts just inside of the frame surface.

Coat the outside of the frame edges with silicone sealant remover, and allow it to set for the amount of time the instructions indicate. Wrap a towel around the edge of a pry-bar, chisel or screwdriver, and use it to gently pry the frame loose. Reapply sealant remover for any areas that are stuck. Lift the frame out of the car when it is free, and clean all of the old silicone off the vehicle.

Install the new frame, and seal it thoroughly. Complete the installation of the drive mechanism and glass according to the instructions provided for the type of kit being used.