How Do You Replace an Alternator?

Replacing the alternator requires loosening the belt pulley, disconnecting the battery and removing the mounting bracket from the vehicle. To safely remove the alternator it is important to understand the vehicles electrical system.

Before beginning the procedure be sure the battery is disconnected. The alternator is what supplies continual current to the vehicle. If the battery remains connected there is a possibility a shock will occur. The following instructions explain how to safely remove and replace an alternator from a vehicle.

  1. Locate the alternator
  2. The placement of the alternator depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Find the alternator and be sure to mark the wire routing.

  3. Unplug the electrical connections
  4. The sensors and clip mount into the wire harness of the vehicle. Disconnect them.

  5. Loosen the pulley
  6. The alternator either uses a serpentine or standalone belt; be sure to loosen the tension pulley so it can be removed.

  7. Locate the mounting bracket
  8. The alternator is held in place using a mounting bracket. Loosen the bolts and pull the alternator off of the vehicle.

  9. Replace the unit
  10. Once off replace the unit. Installation is reverse of the removal procedure. Once installed use a voltmeter and ensure the alternator is properly charging the battery.