How Do You Replace an Air Filter?

How Do You Replace an Air Filter?

To replace the air filter in your car, lift the lid from the air cleaner, and pull the air filter out. Put a new air filter where the old one was, and secure the lid back into place.

  1. Take the air cleaner lid off

    Check your owner's manual to see the location of the air cleaner in your engine; it generally is a rectangular container on one side of the engine compartment with a large duct going into it, or a large round container in the center. Remove any clips or other fasteners on the air cleaner and set to one side before taking the lid off.

  2. Check out the filter

    Pull the old filter out; access should be easy after you take the lid off. Hold the old air filter up to the light; if it is opaque, or the residue on the air filter is dark gray or black, it's time for a new air filter.

  3. Put the new air filter in

    Make sure that your new filter matches the specifications for your car by checking the owner's manual or verifying its compatibility with an auto service professional. Put the new filter into the space where the old one was, and put the lid back on the air cleaner. Secure the fasteners back into place to give the air filter a seal over the entire duct.