How Do You Replace the AC Clutch on a Ford Pickup Truck?

How Do You Replace the AC Clutch on a Ford Pickup Truck?

How Do You Replace the AC Clutch on a Ford Pickup Truck?

In order to replace the air conditioning clutch on a Ford pick-up truck, a special tool is required to remove the pulley, then the clutch coil needs to be removed along with the rotor and bearing assembly. The refrigerant can be bled; however, since the clutch is a mechanical component, the pulley assembly can be removed without disconnecting the compressor.

The clutch pulley assembly spins the belt on the A/C compressor, which allows all the refrigerant to pressurize throughout the system. When the clutch fails, the pulley can slip from its position. Use the following instructions to replace an A/C clutch from a compressor on a pick-up truck.

  1. Remove the pulley
  2. Use pliers to remove the retainer clips on the pulley, then loosen the mounting bolt. Attach a hub puller onto the pulley and pry the assembly off. Be careful as to not lose a woodruff key.

  3. Remove the rotor retaining ring
  4. Use pliers to remove the rotor retainer ring clip.

  5. Remove the rotor
  6. The rotor and bearing are generally attached together. Attach the rotor puller and remove the assembly from the compressor clutch.

  7. Remove the clutch coil
  8. Use the coil puller and remove the coil from the compressor.

  9. Reinstall the coil, rotor and bearing assemblies
  10. Take the installation tool and properly align the coil onto the compressor. Next, install the rotor and bearing assembly and be sure to install the retainer ring.

  11. Install the A/C clutch
  12. Make sure the clutch is properly aligned and press the clutch onto the compressor with the woodruff key in its proper position. Use a feeler gauge to ensure the pulley is set to factory specifications, then tighten the pulley bolt and set the retainer clip.