How Do You Repair Windshield Scratches?

How Do You Repair Windshield Scratches?

Repairing windshield scratches requires using a rubbing compound containing cerium oxide and a glass cleaner to create a seal on the crack. Before attempting to fix the windshield, the scratch should be thoroughly inspected to see whether or not it is too deep, as most windshield repair kits only work for minor cracks and scratches. If they are too deep, the structural integrity of the glass is compromised and the entirety of the windshield should be replaced.

The following instructions explain how to properly seal a light scratch on a windshield:

  1. Inspect the glass
  2. Feel the glass with a fingernail to see whether or not it gets stuck. If the fingernail passes smoothly over the scratch, it can be repaired.

  3. Clean the glass
  4. Take the windshield cleaner and thoroughly wipe down the windshield. Once clean, dry the glass.

  5. Spray the glass sealant
  6. Once the glass is dry, lay the rubbing compound. Spray the compound with water and rub it into the scratch. Once finished, wait at least 30 minutes to let it dry.

  7. Clean the residue
  8. Clean off the rubbing compound residue.

  9. Check the scratch
  10. After repairing the glass, be sure to check it every few months to ensure the seal continues to work.